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Power and Fortune – Pioneers of Kalica is the debut title of the international hobby game dev group Gravinator Games.

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About The Game

Bring Power and Fortune to your dynasty in this multiplayer life and trade simulation game. Tame nature, manage your business, and outplay your competitors.

In “Power and Fortune – Pioneers of Kalica” you run a business in a newly established settlement far away from the home empire. You start at the train station, where you receive your supporting materials and expand your influence, unlock new areas, obtain resources, trade with the homeland and your competitors.

You are tasked to set up your own dynasty and expand the influence of your faction, build a representative mansion, and raise your heir to be.

Of course, your workers need to be taken care of and be treated well. And with numbers growing and the skills of your workers improving, this will be another challenge for your Dynasty on the way to Power and Fortune.

The world has an alternative Western setting with ancient Roman and industrial influences.